Phantom Gourmet redux
I am skeptical about Dan’s motives and sincerity, but in fairness, as a greyhound adopter and rescue activist, admit to a decades-long animosity to the family, based upon their allegiance to Charlie Sarkis, who was the chief opposition in the (eventually successful) campaign to end dog racing in Massachusetts.


^ I did not know this about the late Charlie Sarkis. I know someone that worked for him back in the day, and had nothing but extremely positive things to say. But dog racing—sadly no. :cry:

He owned Wonderland Dog Track, where MANY greyhounds lived in deplorable conditions and received very bad medical care from a track vet who eventually had his license to practice revoked. The litany of lies and dirty dealings involving Sarkis and his underling, Dalton, was endless. Sarkis also had a history of mob associations. There was a lot more to him than his middle-range restaurant chains.

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