Petit Trois Los Angeles

Had dinner here last night. The place, in Sherman Oaks, was easy to find and had the usual $10 LA valet available. Once inside, it was like a scene straight out of Paris, or at least Balthazar in NYC.

The baguettes were wonderful, crusty outside and warm and soft inside and served with French extra fatty salted butter. We ended up having four orders over the course of the meal.

We shared a frisee lardon typical French salad. I was impressed that, although there were only a few ingredients, it was delicious. The crispy lardons were amazing.

For mains we shared a perfect French cheese omelet, declared by our group’s eggspert to be “the best omelet I’ve ever had.” I can’t argue. The steak frites came with a cognac peppercorn cream sauce and a mound of skinny, crisp and not oily at all fries. The best was the burger, called a Big Mec and touted as one of the most decadent burgers in the world. It’s nice when things live up to the hype. The bordelaise sauce alone was perfection.

Desserts were two chocolate souffles and an apple tart for two. We finished every bite.

Make this place a stop if you ever visit LA. One of the best meals I’ve had in a long time.


Petit Trois does a very nice job. We tend to go on Friday or Saturday afternoons and sit at the bar. They have a great cocktail menu and I have enjoyed their sparkling lambrusco a few times. I always seem to have to order the french onion soup and fries. DH gets the sausage breakfast sandwich with the butter leaf salad. Then we share everything. The only time we attempted to fit in dessert we ordered one of their fresh donuts - but they had just sold the last one. Next time.


You’re killing me…it’s been decades since I had a perfect frisee aux lardons salad. Everybody up here in NorCA thinks it should be overloaded with a harsh vinegar dressing - aarrrgggghh…NO!

One chef actually used a red wine vinegar in the vinaigrette. Unbelievable.

Next time we get down to SoCA, I’ll tell my baby brother I’ll pay for the dinner if he’ll drive, LOL.


My favorite baguette. Perfect alone, but sooo good with…

Bread, the best edible utensil ever.