Petiscos--Portuguese "tapas"

Wonderful Portuguese small plates restaurant open all day long. Prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity. Love this place!!!

For two people for lunch, I ordered pig’s ears salad, beef tongue stew, asparagus rice (like a risotto), baked octopus, grilled vegetables, and their breaded cod. Did not have room left for desserts. Will be back to try more dishes!!!

Can reserve a table easily on Google Maps.


Where is it?

Maybe San Jose?

It’s from the people behind Adega (Michelin star Portugese restaurant in San Jose - which will close at the end of the year). It’s a Portuguese version of a tapas bar/restaurant


The address:

399 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113

Street parking or garage parking.

I thought adega will change to Pettiscos format?

And, it is a favorite in our house. Went a few days ago. Couple with Haberdasher around the corner of you like a drink.

Friday, we pondered with sadness mama kin, the old stritch, which had music so loud we had to cross the street. The bands at mama kin are usually good but the sound makes the place impossible. I have complained multiple times to the owner, so i expect he likes it that way