Peter Pratt's Inn, Yorktown Heights, NY

We have not been to PP in a very long time so we decided to check it out again last night. First impressions were mixed. While the canopy with the name of the restaurant on it is upstairs and around from the parking lot, the main entrance has no markings and looks like a basement door. Wait - it is a basement door. But that is the main dining room and there was a hostess inside. The place, which is supposed to be charming because it is so old, really felt like the basement of someone’s house. We were pleasantly greeted and shown to a table that felt so hidden I requested a change and was accommodated. Tables for two were not ideal, all in dark corners, but we managed to get the most appealing to me, on on the end of the banquette which was much more cheerful. Service was very casual, to say the least but it was very good. The server was on top of every request and noticed when we were ready for another drink or the check, etc.

The food was very good. When we sat we got a basket of 3 rolls which were delicious. For appetizers, DH had the mussels in white wine with garlic butter and herbs - served with two lovely grilled garlic croutons. He enjoyed them and, I though I warned him not to wear the white shirt, he did and he got the sauce on it. (just a little aside). For mains DH had the grilled ancho rubbed skirt steak with the most fantastic sweet potato fries. It also came with a small salad and guacamole. I did not taste the steak because it was still mooing, but he loved it. I had, hallelujah, slow roasted half duck with sour cherry sauce. It was cooked on the bone but served without the bone. It was delicious and the skin was impossibly crispy. We did not have dessert, but did have expresso, which was excellent.

There is a dining room upstairs but only used on special occasions. I think we will go back but maybe with other people too - we’ll get a better table!!


Thanks so much for posting this. A friend recommended it but we have hesitated to go because our nights out are few and far between these days.

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FYI, Jon Pratt is in the process of selling the restaurant. I believe he said that the new owners will keep the existing concept with some changes.

Interesting. Well, I kind of hope they brighten up that basement a bit!

It’s called history :slight_smile:

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True, they didn’t have lights way back!! :laughing:

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