Peter Chang - Stamford, CT

Has anyone here tried Peter Chang in Stamford yet? Reviews seem to be mostly good, reasonable prices and portions said to be fairly large. Looking for a place for Saturday night dinner and we might try them. Claims to be somewhat authentic Szechuan food.

Interesting description on the “About” page (despite my dislike for people who create the same thread on both sites, I also posted this on the other site because of the reference).

Peter Chang is an award-winning chef specializing in Szechwan cuisine who has cooked for restaurants in the American southeast. Chang was born in Hubei Province and trained in China, and cooked a meal for the Chinese president, Hu Jintao. He moved to the United States to work as the chef at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. In the past, Chang has disappeared and left restaurants, inspiring a group of fans to follow his movement in Internet discussion boards, such as and Chowhound.

There were plans for a film about him and the devoted fans who would search for him. No idea if it is still in the works.

I ate at his place in the Richmond, Va. area and it was excellent. Reports became varied once he began expanding - great if he was in the kitchen, less so if he wasn’t. I haven’t heard any news in several years.

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