Pete Wells' list of NYC's Top New Restaurants

Has anyone seen this? Comments? Thoughts?

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How about these here “top 7 dishes?” I have to say I would absolutely LOVE to try the fatayer, the scallion leek bolani, and the salatim.

Give me the quenelle RIGHT NOW. I am fancy.

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What, no cod semen?


I intend to try that. Gouie had it last week.

'Tis the season… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Translation: The picture did me in.

And I still sorely miss Tomoe.

That was a good place. I’m not too squeamish about eating stuff-that-comes-from-fish. I would not eat squid guts or fish eyes again, but I’m not sorry I tried them.

I have to say, I grew up pretty sheltered from adventurous eating, and became pretty squeamish because of that. When she was about two and a half, though, I took my daughter to a friends’ house for Rosh Hashanah dinner where they served a very large whole fish. My daughter perused the beast from gill-to-tail and then pointed at the eye, asking if she could have it. Be our guest! I watched, vaguely horrified, while she plucked the sucker out and seemed to enjoy savoring it.

So started the schooling of her mother to become less squeamish…and so she introduced me to all manner of raw and cured fish, sake, weird (to me) combinations, and now I am a fan of lots of wiggly, jiggly things I never would have tried were it not for her. Still, that photo of cod semen in The Times has me, for once, feeling that I would resist swallowing.


Check out the comments section of the Wells article. Brutal. He also posted an article about affordable places, but that didn’t seem to placate many.


I’ve been at some of them. Love Lodi.

I think calling something cod semen is for shock value. Until he wrote his review I’ve never seen cod milt sacs ever referred to as cod semen. Plenty of Japanese places have it. Nothing new. Move along people. Nothing to see here. Frankly if you want to go down that path, why not call Rocky Mountain oysters cow semen?

Really uninteresting article for me. I normally like Wells’ reviews. This was just reheated hash.

:crazy_face: Guffaws from that line. Was that intentional or not?

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I don’t read too many NYT comments sections, but I do glance at the Dining ones, and they are utterly and depressingly predictable.

  1. Why expensive?
  2. Why meat?

Sigh. (And I say this as someone who mostly eats inexpensive not-meat.)


Because that’s not what they are?

Couldn’t resist, sorry! :wink:

By the same analogy, why not? Semen is produced in the milt sacs for the male cod. Semen also produced in those “oysters.” Or are you objecting to a generic use of the term cow rather than bull?

I find the comments usually more entertaining than the article.

The Times doesn’t allow comments on too many articles. However, at the Washington Post, they allow comments on pretty much every article. And the comments on political articles are not only entertaining but also often laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Edited to add: Because we aren’t doing indoor restaurant dining, we haven’t been to any of those on the list. While Lodi does have outdoor seating, we weren’t able to make it there. Koloman is the only one I’m truly sorry not to be able to go to.


As you note, cows don’t produce semen (that’s one reason). And I don’t think there’s nearly as much semen in a Rocky Mountain oyster - at least once it gets to the plate - as in shirako (that’s another reason).

pete seems to have missed the italian restaurant and irish bar scene on the ues.

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