Pete Genovese latest list, 35 NJ's Greatest Old School Restaurants

(Junior) #1

I can say I’ve been to about half if not more on the list. It was sorely disappointing not to see Jimmy’s of Asbury Park on the list. Also I think the Knife and Fork in AC deserves a spot on the list.

(Gary ) #2

If Knife and Fork isn’t on the list, it isn’t a real list that is worth reading.


Agree, for Jimmy’s. Instead he has Vic’s in Bradley Beach which I have never liked.


Agree with @NotJrvediviciand @Susieqq3! No Jimmy’s, but Vic’s made it??? Sorry, but while I’ve “enjoyed” Vic’s for pizza, it’s not a place I’d recommend other than for the throwback factor. Jimmy’s at least has that PLUS good eats!!

That said, The Belmont is a MUST-visit if you haven’t been. MUST.

(Retired !) #5

Hey, where’s the Lincroft Inn???

(Junior) #6

It is just a memory…and unfortunately not a very good one.