Peshwari Kebabs [Waltham, MA]

Peshawri Kebabs
This place opened I think near the end of 2020, this is the first time we have had it. Delivered through Grubhub, which jacked the price significantly. I think next time we’ll pick it up. Got a big 6-skewer “Family Kebab” plate, which I think was chicken tikka, chicken kofta, and beef kofta, served on a bed of rice. Everything was heavily spiced (in a good way), and the rice had some seriously hot small green chilis. It came with green and white sauces of the type you might be familiar with from Chicken N Rice or Halal Guys. Garlic Naan, a salad, and a couple of desserts to round it out. I enjoyed it all, though the Ras Malai (which I ordered without knowing what it was) dessert tasted pretty goaty (sheepy? idk) tasting and the rest of the family didn’t care for it much. Happy to have a place like this around and looking forward to checking it out in person post-vaccine.


Thanks for the post. I was meaning to post when it opened. I haven’t been yet (and its only a few blocks from my house) - so definitely putting it on the list! Will post back when I try it!

I’m woefully unfamiliar with Pakistani cuisine, so wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard it was opening. From their site though it doesn’t seem all that unfamiliar (tikka, kofta, naan). Looking forward to it.

I don’t know much about Pakistani food either, but as far as this place goes, it seems like a mashup of what can typically be found in Middle Eastern and Northern Indian restaurants (as you might expect from a place named after a city near the Afghanistan border ). The kebab plate that we got reminded me of similar dishes from Watertown Persian restaurants, but with a definite Subcontinental vibe in the meat preparations. The only other Pakistani restaurant I can recall going to was Darbar in Allston/Brighton, but that was long enough ago that I can’t compare.


Well we got take out last night. We enjoyed it very much. We ordered a 9-kebab family platter. It was a ton of food, which we knew it would be but wanted the variety to try several things.

It came with 2 of each chicken tikka/kofta, beef tikka,kofta, and one lamb over the spicy rice and a salad. We enjoyed it all and will order from them again. I don’t have enough local examples of these dishes to give a great review or comparison (sorry about that). But very much enjoyed it.

The photo isn’t great but that foil pan is about 13x21. So it was a lot.

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