" Peruvian 'Sun' Mango, $5.99 per pound ) " from Bestco, Scarborough.

Sweetest mango encountered so far this year ( though season is still young ). Delicate sweetness with a small hint of acidity to balance and prevent it from being too over-cloying.Velvety smooth texture with zero fibre. Very enjoyable!

Only downside is the size of the stone, which is HUGE!..making up half the weight…and the cost!😝


Charles, check this out. Mango pavlova.


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Thank you! Tried it.
However, I found this more humble and simple ’ Fresh Mango sponge cream cake ’ from Cakeview, Scarborough, more to my liking…less sweet, lighter and more moist.

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Looks good! I haven’t been to Scarborough in 18 months.

I will post if I see any good seasonal Mango options west of Eataly!

Another one closer to you! In Markham.

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I live in Richmond Hill. But nowadays, I don’t mind venturing to Scarborough for grocery shopping. Same quality products but way, way, way cheaper!!

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