Peruvian Chicken - Greater Boston?

I was recently in LA where they have many options for Peruvian chicken and had an excellent meal. I like Machu chicken, but I’m wondering if there are other places people would recommend in this area for something truly excellent?

Try El chalan in Eastie for Peruvian style chicken. I liked it- though I admit it didn’t rock my world.
The chicken was by far the star- I always got it with plantains which always were wicked dry but who cares about sides when you’ve got roasted chicken?

Also it may be worth noting that I’ve not ever had the genuine article so I’ve got nothing to compare it to, not even two other local places that do it-Beto’s or Machu Pichu in Somerville.
I seem to recall another place in Eastie that was once raved about on chowhound though the name escapes me now (and I think it may have been Mexican).

El Chalan is at 405 Chelsea St in Eastie.

Beto’s: 69 Bennington St in Eastie.

Macchu Picchu: 25 Union Sq. in Somerville

Good luck hunting and feasting.

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Not Peruvian, but I love Pollo Campero for latin style chicken. It is more of a fast food style restaurant and they have grilled and fried chicken. Very good, very cheap, and they have great sides too.

I’ve been to both Machu Pichu and Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan, and while they are both good, I always find their chicken to be a touch dry. The aji at el Chalan is amazing though, I forget how it was at Machu.

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