Peruvian at Aji Limo Ossining NY

The old Keenan House turned Melike has now become Aji Limo now that Melike has left for a larger space somewhere down the block. We went tonight for dinner and were pleased with the redecoration and our meal. Service was uneven but friendly and well intentioned. They are busy, which is a good thing.

I had the lomo saltado and my husband had tallarin with steak. My steak came seasoned really nicely, cooked perfectly, and in bite size pices with tomato and onion. It also came with fries and rice. The rice tasted sort of stale but I’m not a big rice person to begin with so I basically ignored it. The fries were great dipped in the side of aji sauce I asked for and the avocado salad was a refreshing counterpoint. The tallarin came dressed with a light less garlicky version of pesto and a paper thin steak also cooked perfectly. We rounded out the meal with churros (filled with bavarian cream) and an interesting ice cream I can’t remember the name of.

Overall an affordable and pleasant meal with unhurried service. They painted the walls in vibrant colors which makes it less dungeon like in the back. I don’t think they have their liquor license yet. We will definitely return.

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Thanks for the review! Sounds great! Love tallarin verde! (Never met a pesto I didn’t like!) The filled churros sound delicious too. I really like Delicias del Jireh in White Plains (and the ellusive Bravo Peru I hear is awesome, but they’ve always been closed when I’ve had the time to swing by!), so a good Peruvian so close by is just what we need in our area.

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Yes. We are glad to have it nearby. I’m glad that Melike hasn’t closed and is instead expanding (although I like the food at the Turk slightly better).
We are finally getting a decent restaurant scene on Main St. in Ossining!

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Thanks for the review! Have you tried La Gladys (by the library)? I love the food but prefer it for take out or delivery. If so, how does it compare? Stale rice though…

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Hi Marge! Long time no see! I keep passing by Le Gladys but haven’t stopped in. Is that a sit-down place or more casual? The appeal of Aji is that it’s reasonably priced but really nice inside. All they need is cloth napkins. You should take my critique of the rice with a grain of… rice? Haha I really could care less about rice and my husband said it tasted fine. Everything else was great.

Where else have you been getting to in Ossining lately?

Hi! I really like the food at La Gladys (and they deliver!), but it is quite casual and not attractive inside, although clean (they do serve interesting Peruvian beer though, and the service is very friendly). What I like is they put a big squeeze bottle of the yummy green sauce on the table. Haven’t really been anywhere new in Ossining lately . I’ve been going to Doca’s for many years, but never tried the tiny Portuguese snails till recently and really loved them. Other than that, the usual takeout/delivery from Cravin’ and Jiki have been my Ossining/Briarcliff standbys…Guess I’m in an Ossining rut …

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Oh, if they deliver that might be in our future. There’s a lack of good places that deliver to us. I was just thinking about Doca’s lately. Are they still BYOB? There’s a new(ish) Colombian place that we tried on Earth day down near the train station called La Estacion Paisa. Cravin’ is so great… they don’t deliver, do they? What about Los Abuelos? We haven’t been there since they moved down by Stop and Shop. We had a really great meatball pizza from that pizza place on Campwoods… Basta-- we weren’t so impressed with the service when we ate in but the meatballs on the pizza were seriously good. The crust was a little underdone I thought but I forgave them because they didn’t just put crappy meatballs on the pizza like most places. I’ve been meaning to get to Six Degrees too for some bar food!

Cravin’ does deliver! (when I told my hairdresser that she proclaimed it life changing :slight_smile: ) Doca’s is still BYOB with a $5 corkage. I don’t love Los Abuelos since they moved, I think the quality went down a bit. I have yet to try La Estacion Paisa and Basta, soon!

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Fantastic. Cravin’ delivery will be happening soon! Haha. Too bad about Los Abuelos. I never quite got over the time I went there and they had run out of guac (!!!) and my meal came with bagged frozen veggies.

I had another great meal here last night. I’ll post some details later but they seem to be doing well and it was pretty crowded the entire time we were there. Our next Ossining stop will be to check out the newly reopened Melike that this restaurant took the place of.