Perennial (SF, mid Market )

Heavily vegetarian oriented, but the trout and lamb were perfectly executed, somewhat small (but adequate ) portions for $23. Cooking exceeded initial expectations, given unpretentious woodshop decor.

No sign out front on 9th st, look for the large windows with the letter “P”

Jon Kauffman had a piece a week ago that talked about the restaurant tries to be environmentally conscious in their processes and decor. I don’t think people will eat there just because of that, but its good to hear positive food reports to go along with that.

Did the restaurant bring up the environmental aspects during your meal?

No they did not. Note however that even the furniture is vegetarian (all wood, no leather or other padding). Still comfortable though, thankfully.

Tried the beef, probably would have preferred a different cut, like hanger steak, or ribeye, instead of short loin

Jennifer colliau of Small Hands foods has put together a very interesting and creative bar program here, with the knowledgeable Christine behind the stick. If the kitchen could come up with an equally interesting bar menu to go with her drinks, the bar itself could become a real destination.