Pepper Twins now open - Houston

This was mentioned in the Mein thread but I thought it should have it’s own thread rather than get lost there.

I had forgotten it was going to open so soon - it’s been open a month awreaddy. I’m ready to go.


Yelp reviews

That’s real close to the other location (Cooking Girl).

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I made it over to Pepper Twins for lunch, they now have 6 locations. I went to the West Gray location. For two people, we each ordered a meat/fish dish and a vegetable to share. Naturally we ended up with food for 6+ people, I can never gauge these things.

I ordered the Pepper Twins Fish Filet, which the server said was filet in a spicy soupy sauce. It is actually soup, and should be in the soup section on the menu, but is not. Lots and lots of soup with at least a whole fish in there. It has the numbing Sichuan peppers and was extremely sinus clearingly spicy.

The lamb was reportedly good and also too much. The mixed veg were great.

We took almost all of this home. I don’t know how to order at Sichuan places, it’s kind of frustrating. There are no food descriptions and no pictures, just the name of the dish.

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