Pepin and Bourdain

Youtube’s algorithms took me down this enjoyable rabbit hole, a 2015 conversation at Manhattan’s 92nd Street YMCA.


Jacques Pépin is my favorite chef. I call him the human Cuisinart. That video interview is truly great. I love his attitude about continuous learning. Any time I start feeling cocky I watch some of M. Pépin’s videos and settle right back into humility.

I enjoy Anthony Bourdain but in my view he treats food and cooking as something to watch while for M. Pépin cooking is all about doing it yourself.


Create TV (the PBS channel dedicated to cooking, crafts, and DIY) is running a Pepín marathon today (tagging him the Father of Cooking).

I’m watching an episode from 2011 where he has his friend Jean-Claude (a retired pastry chef in his own right) along to make all sorts of little desserts (Sweet Endings episode 124) watching these two trash talk each other while they cook has me chuckling out loud.


I almost didn’t watch because I still have a hard time seeing Bourdain, but I really enjoyed that! Thanks for posting.