Pepe Bocca Davis Sq. Somerville MA

I finally managed to check out Pepe Bocca the other day. It replaced the old Sessa’s in Davis Sq. What a lovely little place! It feels like an old-world market in Italy. They make their bread in-house and offer a variety of charcuterie and cheeses. I don’t know if they make any pastas, but they have a variety of frozen raviolis, some frozen squid ink pasta, and lovely frozen pappardelle. They also have frozen pizzas and, if I remember correctly, some frozen prepared pastas.

They also offer prepared pizzas and calzones and have a nice variety of sandwiches on the menu. There is a small area where you can eat in after ordering at the counter. Beer and wine is available to go with your meal.

I only needed a couple of things, and was very happy with the quality of the pasta and ciabatta that I picked up. I’m excited to go back and try some of the prepared foods.

Here are a few photos:


I agree…When we lived in Teele Sq what seems like eons ago, we never once stopped in but when the new owners hit “reset,” they really did a fantastic job. Every corner seems to have something tempting. We’ve only had their frozen pizza and they are delicious so I can only imagine that the fresh pizza is quite good.

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Oh, good to know about the frozen pizza. The fresh sure looked enticing. It would be nice to stash a couple for a quick dinner.

@bear, how have I not noticed this spot? Thank you–will check it out next time we’re in that 'hood.

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If I recall correctly, they had a fire fairly soon after they reopened after the purchase from the previous family and then it took a while for them to reopen. Somehow they fell off my radar. They do a huge lunch-sandwich business. Everything I have bought there has been quite good, but I just don’t get to West Somerville all that often anymore.


and as you can see in the photo, cannoli shells they fill to order. as least as good as, if not better, than what’s available in the north end.

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Oh, and here’s a photo of some of their house-made bread and more of the sandwich menu:

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I hate to be a wet blanket, but we’ve had some pretty awful food from them. I want to like them so much, but I find the slices of stromboli and calzone to be greasy and leaden. Ditto for the arrancini. We bought a selection of desserts which were made in house and packed in clear plastic clamshells near the register a few months back- not remembering all of them but there was definitely a tiramisu- and didn’t even finish them, which is quite a remarkable occurrence in my house. The tiramisu had freezer-burn flavored cream and was lumpy and oozing. I know; not an appetizing description. Sorry. Would love to pile on the lovefest but I feel honesty is the best policy…

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Not a wet blanket. Good to know! I’ve only had the frozen pappardelle and bread. I’ll still give the frozen pizzas a try, and would get bread again if I’m in the area. I think I’d like to make some Italian subs from the meats, cheeses and bread. Sounds like I should pass on dessert.

The quality of their prepared foods depends (to say the obvious) on when they were prepared. We’ve had some very good things from them (an eggplant parm last year stands out), and some less good. It’s worth looking closely at the food to judge its freshness. They don’t have the turnover that, say, Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge has with its array of prepared foods that appear around 2 p.m. every day, and and are largely gone by 6.

I’ve liked their breads, though, and some cookies. Haven’t tried the other desserts.

They’re closed for renovation right now and are scheduled to reopen tomorrow.

That’s helpful. I wonder what they are renovating. It’s such a cool space. Anyway, have you tried the frozen pizza?

I agree it is hit and miss. I like their sandwiches. However I have found their pizza dough to be not to my liking (they will give you fresh balls to take home).

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No, not tried the frozen pizza.

thought i’d pick up a cannoli on my way through davis square today (this thread reminded me that’s it’s been a while:). sign on the door said they were closed for rennovation through 8/29, and they would update if they were ready sooner. so, i had to make due with a peach ice cream cone from jp licks while i waited for the bus.

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Thanks. (Sign last week had said reopening 8/22.)

passed by today and the sign said that the new stone over was still curing and they would reopen on thursday, 31 august.

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Swung by yesterday, and the sign now said “September 1”. Went today, and a sign taped over that one said “September 2”. They’re going to lose a lot of business and good will if they keep this up.

yeah, it is irritating. what i don’t understand is why they can’t update their social media. the most recent updates on facebook and twitter mention their upcoming bread classes.

same thing happened last year when mem tea’s opening on elm street was delayed for several weeks. i mean how hard is it to update facebook and twitter?

also interesting is this note on their website:

“We want to thank all of you guys for your generous donations and support as we worked to achieve our goal of replacing our oven.”

why would what seems like a successful small business need donations to replace a piece of necessary equipment?

Agreed. And actually, they haven’t been there that long, so it’s surprising (but probably understandable) that they have to replace the oven so soon. A little communication would go a long way to helping maintain support during a tough time.