pennypackers is closing their retail operation in somerville

and moving to high street in boston.

i am so bummed. i live just up the hill. and while their schedule and mine rarely converged, i loved knowing they were there. sounds as though they’ll still be using the magoun square space for catering and to prep the food truck.

the last day of service at the current location is sunday, 15 march. i’ll be by on friday, the 13. how’s that for irony.


You can still buy the porchetta at the Somerville location. 1/4 to a full one.

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their facebook post only mentions whole. 1/4 would be great.

update: apparently the opening of the high street place food hall has been pushed back because of coronovirus concerns; how long is an open quesetion. the good news for those of us in magoun square is that pennypackers will remain open until then.

also, asked about a 1/4 porchetta, and as i thought: it’s a whole or half.


I must just have bad luck at this place, because everyone seems to be really high on it. The porchetta sandwich I got here was so dry I really didn’t like it at all. The next time I went, I got a lamb sandwich that was really delicious but had the most gigantic knuckle of bone in it that if I had swallowed it would have been really problematic. I haven’t gone back since that incident, but maybe I should give it one last shot before they move, as I do live nearby…

really surprised to hear about the porchetta. the one i had last week waas sinfully juicy. in fact, the only bad meal i’ve ever had was at their food truck — a really sad excuse for a caprese sandwich, when i dropped them a note, they comped me a sandwich.

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