Penny Lick Ice Cream, Hastings on Hudson, NY

We had another FANTASTIC burger at Hudson Social in Dobbs tonight, and on our way back to Yonkers, DH decided it was ice cream time. We decided to try Penny Lick in Hastings instead of just stopping at Foodtown. Meh. I tried the salted maple caramel and blueberry jam, DH had chocolate malt and coconut chip. The texture of all four flavors was a bit grainy (and in the case of the blueberry, VERY grainy). The flavor of the maple caramel was excellent but the texture just didn’t measure up. DH liked his chocolate malt, but felt that the coconut was overpowering and somehow fake tasting (maybe they used extract in addition to coconut milk, not sure). Service was friendly but SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. At $4.50 for two scoops, I think we’ll pass next time and just go to Foodtown!

But seriously, go get a burger at Hudson Social. They even overcooked mine (I asked for rare and it was closer to medium) and it was so delicious and oozing juice that I didn’t care. Mmmm.

Thanks for your report, b. Funny, but we wanted some ice cream last night after a good, hearty burger and salad meal at Prime 16 in Pelham. Ice cream shops are so pricey, but you can often find a sale going on at the supermarket and just take it home…will try the burger at Hudson Social sometime, too.

Well that sucks…
I love the flavor of Phin & Phebes Vietnamese coffee ice cream, but
sometimes the texture is just so off putting it’s impossible to enjoy.
The tradeoff for using egg yolks instead of commercial stabilizers… apparently some freezers work better than others, certain flavors work better than others … good news, there are other options for small batch ice cream in Westchester. Imitation/ fake coconut is just vile … yuck
Your description of the burger at Hudson Social is making me drool … at 9:00 am
EDIT: Penn Lick is at several farmers markets, I wonder if the ice cream is moved in and out and if so if that affects the texture … regardless, I think I may have recommended them, if so my apologies.

Well I could say something about the name Penny Lick, but then again I won’t.

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chowdom, before I found out I liked homemade ice cream so much that I ate it all, I bought a small ice cream maker. The one and only ice cream I made was Vietnamese coffee, using the recipe from David Lebovitz (all over the internet). It’s easy, no custard necessary, and it’s delish.

Remember when Chunk, in the movie The Goonies, said: I smell ice cream? Well, that’s me.:yum:

I find the prices at Ralph’s Italian Ices in Mamaroneck to be too outrageous to return. Luckily, King Kone and Scoops 'n More are too far away.

Hey, is the lawsuit involving Yelp going to make us all happily lobotomized? Imagine not having the freedom to give a negative review? No, thank you.

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Ya … that’s me too
I haven’t been to Ralph’s, King kone or Scoops
I don’t know anything about the Yelp lawsuit, I’ll read up
thanks for bringing it to my attention

In the olden days it was all about sedutto and Frusen Glädjé for me
I prefer ice cream to gelato, but the ice cream must have a really creamy
texture for me to love it

Get Talenti Gelato - it is outrageously good!!!

Bio, you definitely have to get to Blue Pig. They are currently closed for a few days for vacation but will be up and running again soon.

Fruit flavors, due I guess to the water content, tend to freeze icier and be a bit less creamy in my experience (both eating (a lot) and making). Blue Pig’s fruit flavors are more of the mix-in variety, i.e., a vanilla or other base with fruit mixed in. Lately they’ve had a fruit crisp flavor with a vanilla base, pastry pieces, and bits of fruit. Delicious. Earlier in the summer they were rocking a cherry flavor that was sublime the first time and a bit less potently flavored the second.

Most of their ice cream is supremely creamy. All good ingredients.

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David Lebovitz’s ice cream book (The Perfect Scoop) is amazing and every home ice cream cook should have a copy!

Yes, this is definitely on our list! Once the weather cools off a touch, we’re planning to do a lot of hiking on weekends, which means heading north. Croton is on the way home from a lot of great Hudson River hiking trails for us, so I anticipate stopping there for post-hike nourishment very soon!

Agreed, this is a terrific book. But I also agree with primosprimos, when you make homemade ice cream it is REALLY hard not to polish it off in one sitting!

Quite true. It’s when you make your own that you realize the commercial pretenders are pathetic, with their air and their guar gum and their propylene glycol and whey.

I’ve found Yuengling to be the best by far, but Haagen Dazs and Ben&Jerry are still shutting them out of shelf space in supermarkets.

I’m always amused, after I’ve made the Vietnamese coffee ice cream and frozen it, at the games I play in order to eat it, little by little, trip by trip to the refrigerator, until - oh dear! - it’s all gone.

Wish I had a better metabolism.:confounded:

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