[Penang] Traditional Chinese Dessert Stall on Kimberley Street

This traditional Chinese dessert stall by the Goh family has been around for more than 80 years - for centuries, Chinese desserts are sweetened soups of various flavours: the concept of cakes or puddings only came much later, introduced by foreigners to the Middle Kingdom.

This traditional Chinese dessert stall has been operating on this spot since the 1930s, and I have 70-something year-old Penang friends who remembered having their desserts here when they were kids riding their bicycles to Kimberley Street. It’s currently run by the 4th-generation of the founding family, Mr Goh Cheng Hoe and his siblings.

If you’re ever in Kimberley Street in the evenings for the famous “kway chiap” stall (which has been featured by countless TV food programmes) or the “char koay teow” stall - this dessert stall is stuck right in the middle between them - don’t miss it!

  1. “Tor Tau Th’ng” (sweet peanut soup)

  1. “Heng Jin Th’ng” (sweet Chinese almond soup)

  1. “See Koh Th’ng” (White fungus, longan and lotus seed soup)

  1. “Ang Tau Th’ng” (red bean soup)

  1. “Longan Lian Chee Th’ng” (Longan & lotus seeds soup)

Address: Kimberley Street, outside Sin Guat Keong coffeeshop. Opens daily 6pm onwards, except Monday.

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What is the translucent thing in the soup? (Not the white wood ear)

Just pieces of ice.

Oh! Actually the ice would make the dessert quite lovely and weather-appropriate! I grew up eating warm/ hot 4-6 but I suppose these are all cold/ room temperature over in Penang?

Only the “See Koh Th’ng” (white fungus, longan and lotus seed soup) and “Longan Lian Chee Th’ng” (longan & lotus seeds soup) have hot or cold options. The others (red bean soup, almond soup, etc.) are always served hot - Penang street hawkers are still sticklers for tradition, compared to Singaporean ones.

In Penang, most of the hawkers, even this dessert stall, still insisted on using charcoal braziers!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2