[Penang] Traditional Cantonese chicken & fish porridge at Cintra St

This 60-something year-old spot along Cintra Street is one of the best-known Cantonese rice porridge eateries in George Town’s old downtown.

There are two types of rice porridge to choose from - chicken-flavoured or fish-flavoured. Both are cooked Cantonese-style, i.e. smooth rice grains cooked to a smooth, consistency, unlike the grainy Teochew version or the more coarse Hokkien ones.

One can also ask for a mix of the two types of porridge, which turned out just as tasty. Raw fish slices are put at the bottom of the bowl before steaming hot chicken porridge is poured on top, cooking the fish-meat immediately. Scallions, ginger and sesame oil gave the additional flavours, and most customers also opt for a sprinkling of light soy sauce and a generous dusting of white pepper.

One can also order poached chicken “pak cham kai” as a side-dish - it’s done extremely well here.

The eatery operates till 9.30pm, but can close earlier once everything is sold out - which is what happens on most days!

Cintra Street Fish & Chicken Porridge - Yee Sung Kai Chok (魚生雞粥 日本橫街)
35, Lebuh Cintra
10100 George Town, Penang.
Operating hours: 12.30pm to 9.30pm.