[Penang] Roti canai at Lorong Susu

Lorong Susu is one of the roads branching out from MacAlister Road, one of George Town’s main thoroughfare. Like many of the roads in that area, it’s replete with eateries. One of my favourites there is the Mamak/Indian-Muslim stall there which offers the best-tasting roti canai (paratha) I’d had in Penang in recent years.

This nameless, yet very well-known stall consists of a cluster of serving push-carts, and two lines of tables and chairs lined on both sides of Lorong Susu in the early mornings. When the sun rises higher and temperatures get hotter, the line customers disappear behind the side of the road where the seating areas have tarpaulin shade.

The roti canai - I like the way they serve it here: torn-up into bite-sized pieces then drenched with yellow lentils/dhal curry, before being topped with a fried egg, sunny side-up.

A plate of spicy, messy pure deliciousness. Never leave George Town without trying this - it’s Penang’s answer to the Mexican huevos rancheros, except that this one has the perfect balance of flavours and textures like no other:

Down it with a mug of hot, frothy “teh tarik”, Mamak-style milk tea.


Wow, never seen one with so much going on…

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Sgee - And I forgot to mention the pink-tinted slivers of pickled Bombay onions that lent a spike of acidity which undercut the nutty richness of the dhal curry.

Who knows where they shifted to​:sleepy::sweat_smile:

No, I’ve been enquiring, too.