[Penang] Ramadhan Food Bazaar by the Penang Muslim League

Queen Street in Penang’s Little India comes alive with the annual Ramadhan Food Bazaar organised by the Penang Muslim League:

Roti jala fanned out on a tray.

Ali Capati Corner, which normally serves its famous “Putu Mayam Biryani” on Wednesdays & Sundays only. During the month of Ramadhan, they sell it daily at the food bazaar.

Roti jala with chicken curry.

Biryani putu mayam, with mutton curry.

Various types of Indian sweets:

Idiyappam is called “putu mayong” in Penang - getting its moniker from the words “pottu” (the Malayalam term for it) and “mayang” (the Javanese word for “head”, in reference to the small coconut kernel being dessicated to be served with the idiyappam).

“Putu mayong” in Malaysia and Singapore is usually served as a sweet snack, accompanied by freshly-grated coconut and ground palm sugar.

Fresh coconut water makes for a refreshing drink.

Indian rojak or pasembor - a delicious mix of batter-fried morsels bathed in a spicey-sweet sauce that’s to-die for:

Murtabak - meat-filled pancakes.