[Penang] Punjabi chapathis at Lim Kee, Dato Keramat Road

Gulshan Singh and his wife, Jasbir Kaur Gill, run this busy little Punjabi eatery at Lim Kee Cafe, a rustic, traditional coffeeshop along Dato’ Keramat Road, offering platters full of freshly-made chapathis with chicken curry, green dhal & even sardines (not heard of in Punjab, but terribly popular among Malaysians).

Chapathis are unleavened flatbreads - actually called makki di roti in Punjabi cuisine, but it used the more recognisable Hindi language moniker, chapathi, here in Malaysia and also Singapore. The term originated from the Hindi word chapat which means “slap”,“flat” that describes the traditional method of forming rounds of thin dough by slapping the dough between the wetted palms of one’s hands.

The dough is made of wholemeal flour, known as atta. Jasbir Gill here preferred to roll out her dough with a small rolling pin, before it’s griddle-cooked.

Gulshan Singh, who served out the food, is the more gregarious of the two.

Their chapathis, served warm from the griddle, are pillowy-soft, with a floury-powdery exterior, and were perfect foils for the chicken and dhal/lentil curries I ordered.

A platter of chapathi with chicken curry will set you back MYR3 or USD seventy-five cents! The little place gets pretty busy by around 8pm as many customers come for take-outs.

Chapathi stall @ Lim Kee
93 Lorong Ayer Itam,
10460 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: 6pm till late, daily.