[Penang] Penang chowdown anyone?

I’m lucky enough to be in Penang for a few days later this month - enough time for roughly 10 meals.
Knowing that I will likely give into temptation and eat the equivalent of 15 meals, I decided to at least be organized in what I eat.

If anyone is interested in a chow down for Nasi Kandar, Nyonya food, Banana Leaf, breakfast at a traditional kopitiam, at the New Lane Hawkers area or the Presgrave St. Hawkers area, message me via HO.

I’ll try to keep notes of my meals and report back on the site.

I’d be game for a Penang Chowdown, though I’ve just started a new project in KL this month (after 3 months in Penang). Let’s keep in touch via HO’s messaging, if I can get away from KL & fly up to Penang during the period you’re there.

One possible Chowmeet location - this one :smiley:

The last time I passed that place - they did build a giant hotel in that area: the St Giles-Wembley. But this funky little eatery was spared - still operating at its location right next to the hotel :slight_smile: