[Penang] Osaka-style ramen from Rising Ramen

Japanese noodle spot, Rising Ramen, fronted by Osaka-born ramen chef Shin Hatada, debuted its tonkotsu pork ramen offerings last Monday, Sep 30.

We opted for two types of ramen on their concise menu: the signature shio-ramen, and the spicy, red-hued aka-ramen. Both came with melt-in-the-mouth tender soy-braised pork belly, chopped leeks, and seaweed.

  1. Shio-ramen - full-bodied pork-based broth was rich and very flavoursome. The ramen noodles were supple and kept their texture throughout the meal.

  2. Aka-ramen - the spicy version has a sharper flavour and packed quite a punch.

  1. One can also order sides to supplement the standard bowls of ramen: hard-boiled egg tempura, eggplant, roe-filled shishamo and enoki mushrooms.

The ramen was exceptionally good. The sides were served cold, rather than prepared-to-order which I’d have much preferred.

Moulmein Rise in Pulau Tikus is slowly turning into a choice location for lunch, with Sushi Wafu offering kaiten-style sushi, LesGrains with its Japanese-French fusion baked goods, and Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters opening a couple of months back.

Rising Ramen
9-1-01(Unit 2) Moulmein Rise Shoppes, Moulmein Road
10350 Penang
Tel: +6016-467 6314
Opening hours: 10am to 9pm daily