[Penang] "发财" 福建面 or Fortune Hokkien Mee in Ayer Itam.

This Hokkien mee stall located at the intersection of Jalan Air Itam and Jalan Kampung Melayu used to require their customers to stand around & hold their hot bowls of steaming hot Hokkien noodles whilst eating. It is nicknamed “发财” 福建面 by Malaysian food show host and TV personality, Jason Yeoh aka Axian, because it was located in front of a 4-D betting shop.

Stall-owner, Neoh Pin Hooi and his wife, Koay Kuah Lan, have been running this popular stall for 36 years now, pushing their mobile stall from their Thean Teik Road stall to the Jln Ayer Itam/Jln Kampung Melayu intersection each day, where their loyal fans congregate. These days, their stall operates in Min Jiang Coffee Shop at the same intersection - so we get to sit at the tables & stools to enjoy our noodles.

Hokkien mee consists of bee hoon (rice noodles) and yellow Hokkien wheat noodles, in a strong spicy pork-shrimp broth, garnished with small shrimps, pork slivers, “kangkong” (water convolvulus), beansprouts and golden-brown shallots. Over here at “发财” 福建面, one can also ask for extras like pig’s intestines, hard-boiled egg and poached pig skin.

Address: Min Jiang, 1-B, Jalan Air Itam, 11500 Penang, Malaysia.