[Penang] Non ending dinner in Kimberley Street

I looked back at the pictures I took of the meals we have had that night at Lebuh Kimberley, I couldn’t believe how much food we have consumed that whole evening. It was our second night in Penang, we had figured out the best way to taste the maximum was by tables-hawkers-hopping. Gathering from the experience from the CF food court, we found that it was not very efficient to be very far from the stall you ordered, sometimes order got lost in the way, as the hawkers couldn’t find our table, or it took quite a long time to arrive.

Our first table of the night, we were interior of a café (I believed), we ordered a bottle of beer so the table would be free.

Popiah - I liked it a lot, thin crepe filled with a lot of goodies, which I believed was turnip, bean curd, shallot and sauce

Chee Cheong Fun

From the stall, it looked like the cook has won some competition for his food.

Long Chye Char Okay Teow from Delicious King - one of the best I have eaten, the shrimps are much bigger.


We hopped outside and find ourselves a second table instantly since we were not too sure if we could ask them to bring food inside. Husband, a carnivore definitely wanted to try marinated platter.

Marinated platter with sausages, meat/fish balls and cakes. Pretty good

And some tentacles

Stall has been in business since 1970’s

Duck porridge with marinated egg

We enjoyed the food here much more than the night before at the Macallum Street Night Market.
We ended our night with buying some more snacks (bbq biscuits / siew pau) at Seng Seng Heang for the next morning.