[Penang, Malaysia] Vegetarian eats at the Wadda Gurdwara

The 120-year-old Wadda Gurdwara is one of 6 Sikh temples or gurdwaras in Penang. Malaysia has 119 Sikh gurdwaras spread across its 13 states and 2 federal territories, and Wadda Gurdwara is the largest of them all.

One thing about gurdwaras is that their langars or communal kitchens will always welcome everyone to their daily vegetarian meals, served at lunch and dinner. We were at the Wadda Gurdwara for one of their Gurpurab celebration last December.

It was very festive as Penang’s Punjabi-Sikh community turned out for the celebrations. Vegetarian food were dished out a-plenty.

"Sarson ka Saag" or mustard greens were cooked in large vats, to feed hundreds of devotees

"Kali dal" (split black lentils with cumin) and curried vegetables were served with chapati flatbreads and rice

Sweet rice pudding or "kheer"

Dessert stall serving out Malaysian “ice-kachang” or shaved iced with red beans and creamed corn, covered with syrup

The daily meals are given out free, and the gurdwaras are always opened daily to anyone who wants to visit. One can eat as much as one desires, with only one golden rule to observe: no wastage of food.

Serving and clean-up (washing of dishes) are by volunteers, and anyone can take part to do it.

Wadda Gurdwara
87, Jalan Gurdwara, 10000 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6012-430 0497


Pre-COVID, the Wadda Gurdwara also regularly invited other religious bodies and charitable groups to its premises, held guided tours to explain the Sikh religion, and also served the visitors some very delectable Punjabi vegetarian food.

Looking back at the last visit we made early last year (I was one of the reps from the Penang Heritage Trust), it made us realize how much our lifestyle has been changed by the pandemic. Pictures from that visit:

Going to the langar or communal kitchen

Curried lentils and vegetables, with chapathi bread and rice

The gurdwara’s langar volunteers thanked all the guests for our visit.


Would love to try this once the MCO 2.0 ends. This is a daily occurrence or just festivals?

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The langar is open to the public for lunches and dinner every day during the pre-COVID era. Not anymore since the lockdown, which is a real pity!