[Penang, Malaysia] Seafood dinner at 𝗢𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗮, The Edison Hotel

We had a light dinner at Ostrea, the Edison Hotel’s new al fresco eatery yesterday evening.

Quite a strange sensation for me to be back in the old manor: that’s because 4 generations of my family lived in it after my great-great-grandfather had it built back in 1906 - he’d called it The Venus then. My grandfather sold it after World War II, when he could no longer afford to upkeep his oversized family home with its household staff of 12.

Today, it’s a compact boutique hotel with 35 well-furnished rooms, located strategically in the middle of George Town’s historic quarter.

The tasting menu we had opted for last night consisted of:
Loch Fyne Rock Oyster & Angel Oyster, served with mignonette sauce & fresh lemon

Salmon roe on sour cream & chives, served with scalloped potatoes

Smoked Golden Hebridean mussels, with cream cheese, hard-boiled egg & chopped tomatoes on rye crackers

Loch Fyne smoked salmon, on chopped avocado, shallots, Roma tomatoes, kyuri (Japanese cucumber) and crème fraîche

Grilled Scottish king scallop topped with microgreens, with olive tapenade, sun-dried tomato relish and basil pesto

Lemon sole, with garlic cream sauce, dill mustard and tomato relish, topped with sunflower sprouts

Citrus crème brûlée, with orange segments, sour cherries & lime zest

All in all, a simple but well-executed menu with minimal cooking involved, but where the quality of the ingredients shone through.

Ostrea at the Edison Hotel
15 Leith Street, George Town, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-262 2990


What a lovely building. I have it in mind you’ve mentioned the place before, and the family connection.

Nice food as well. The use of Scottish products is interesting. I knew much of the seafood landed in Scotland went for export but hadnt realised it might travel so far as Malaysia.

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It’s gone global! I remembered when I visited St Andrews many years ago - I was at a pier and saw many lobster cages there. So I asked a local fisherman there where I could get a good lobster meal in town. He said, unfortunately, all the lobsters caught were for export to France, so I’d have a better chance getting them in Paris than where I was. :frowning_face:

In this upside down world in which we live, I read that most of the seafood landed in the UK goes for export and most of the seafood that we actually eat here is imported. Bizarre.

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