[Penang, Malaysia] Samosa Centre Sejahtera Muhibbah, Transfer Road

The 6-decade-old Samosa Centre Sejahtera Muhibbah push-cart has moved from its long-time Dickens Street location to Transfer Road.

Current stallholder-chef is Ahmed Siddiq, the 4th-generation of his family to assemble and deep-fry these delicious samosas - pastry triangles, filled with curried potato and meats.

Ahmed is assisted by his father, Nawas Khan, who prepares the various fillings, whilst uncle, Abu Salihu, prepares the stacks of pastry dough wrappers.

Besides the samosas, the little stall also offers the savoury donut-like vadai, and discs of lentil-studded masala vadai.

Like most deep-fried food items, one needs to consume them as quickly as possible, whilst they are hot & crisp. We had crossed over to a traditional coffeeshop and ordered some local coffee which complemented these hot snacks perfectly.

Samosa Centre Sejahtera Muhibbah
In front of Rim Tha Non Mookata, 212 Transfer Road
10050 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6019 6447445
Operating hours: 11am to 7pm daily


I like this shot. Must be delicious, too.

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Thanks. Yes, the samosas here were light and crisp on the outside, with deliciously moist, spicy potato-and-chicken filling.

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They look like a pretty much perfect samosa to me. You can see the puffed up crispness. It’s a rare treat to see such quality in the UK.

My favourite Mumbai street food place here has stopped doing them as such. It now only has samosa chaat - broken up crisp samosa topped with a bit of salad (onion, tomato, pepper) , yoghurt and a couple of chutney’s - a sweet one and a really sharp tamarind one.

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I love samosa chaat, John. It’s an interesting dish, as a chef goes through the motions to make good samosas, and then proceeded to smash them up to make another dish.

The first time I had a samosa chaat was in Raj of Kolkata in Singapore’s Little India many years ago, it gave me a shock because I thought it was made from leftovers, or perhaps ugly samosa mistakes which they couldn’t serve on their own. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I suspect that might still be the case. I’ve had samosa chaat where there’s been really no crispness to the samosa and I reckon they’ve been kept on one side.

Oh no! That’s nasty.