[Penang, Malaysia] Local eats at Liga Maju Nasi Dalca Ayam Negro

Liga Maju Nasi Dalca Ayam Negro, which specializes in Indian-Muslim-style “blackened chicken” (ayam negro) has been pulling in the crowds since it opened less than 2 months back (on Oct 15). Owned by two enterprising Indian-Muslim business partners, Noor Mohamed and Johari Razak, it delivers where it matters most: the taste.

The chicken pieces, first marinated in spices and deep-fried, before being tossed in a dark soy-sauce/spiced dressing, to coat them, were absolutely scrumptious. The ayam negro is served as part of a lunch platter which includes dalca (Indian-Muslim-style yellow lentil curry), a hard-boiled egg, curried eggplant, and fresh cucumbers.

We opted for an Ayam Negro Lunch Plate and a Beef Rendang Lunch Plate:

Both looked not much different from what one can find in similar Indian-Muslim joints around George Town but, upon tasting, turned out to be some of the tastiest curried rice combinations I’d had in a long while. I’m beginning to understand why this place is pulling in the crowds.

It’s located just behind Hotel Penaga on the intersection of Transfer Road and Hutton Lane:

Liga Maju Nasi Dalca Ayam Negro
74, Jalan Hutton, 10050 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6019-991 7633
Operating hours: 5pm to 2am daily.


I’m pretty sure you can - but the white rice drenched with dhal curry was da bomb.

My thoughts exactly as I was watching. :frowning_face:

Going to get this today. :slight_smile:

They say their opening hours start from 5pm, Nathan, but do go later! The last time we were there at 5pm, they were only starting up the kitchen, and we only got our orders taken at 5.40pm. The food did come soon after, though.