[Penang, Malaysia] Fuku at Mano Plus

My first meal back in George Town, Penang, after a 3.5 hour’s flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Lunch at a pseudo-Japanese cafe in a lifestyle store seemed pretty surreal after 2 weeks in colourful Dhaka.

Fuku (pronounced “Foo-koo”) at Mano Plus offers a selection of tonkatsu dishes, Japanese-style “Western” desserts and some interesting beverages.

The Chicken Curry Katsu was my fave item for the mains - crisp, well-seasoned chicken pieces, sweetish Japanese curry sauce.

The Omu Curry Rice with Tori Karaage was also pretty good, but a little too rich for my taste.

The desserts were much better:

Chocolate Ganache with Rice Crisps

Swiss Roll with Berries

Green tea-flavoured Matchamisu and chocolate Swiss roll



Pleasant spot for refreshments or a quick snack. Lots of books, but all are in Chinese.

Fuku at Mano Plus
37 Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai)
George Town
10300 Penang, Malaysia
Opening hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Thurs, 9am-9pm Fri-Sun.


Welcome back to life. Blue coloured chocolate and rice, that’s experimental.

I seem to remember this building with TTS 1925, is it not far from the water front? I think we tried a money exchange around this area.

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Yup, it’s on Beach Street (Malay: Lebuh Pantai), George Town’s old banking quarter.