[Penang, Malaysia] Cantonese roast meats from Wai Kee Cafe, Sky Hotel on Chulia Street

Brunch at Wai Kee Cafe, George Town’s best-known Cantonese roast meats spot. Founded in the 1950s by Guangzhou-born Yap Wai, it’s now run by second-generation owner, Yap Kum Moon, 67, who took over the mantle from his father.

All manners of roast meats here: char-siew (caramelized BBQ pork loin), siew yoke (crisp-skinned roast pork), siew ngap (Cantonese-style roast duck), and siew cheong (pork-pig’s liver sausages).

Wai Kee Cafe has been located here on the ground floor of the Sky Hotel, Chulia Street, since 1961.

Our brunch today:
Platter of char-siew, siew yoke and siew ngap

Siew cheong

Pork, pig’s intestines and watercress soup

The place is very popular with local Penangites and queues would form by 11am. The whole place would be jam-packed by lunch-time. Wai Kee used to operate only at lunch-time, but since 2017, it’s also open for dinner. The chef in-charge in the evenings is 42-year-old Yap Kin Mun, a nephew of Yap Kum Moon.

Wai Kee Cafe at Sky Hotel
348, Chulia Street, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Opening hours: 10.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-8pm Mon-Wed and Fri
10.30am-2.30pm only, Sat & Sun.
Closed on Thursdays.