[Penang] MacCallum Street Hock Seng Rojak aka "Barefoot Rojak Man"

This 30-year-old rojak stall is regarded by many of its fans as the No. 1 rojak stall in Penang! Started by Mr Khor Hock Seng in 1986 after a carpenter shop he worked at closed down, he concocted the thick, caramelly rojak sauce which is thicker (and MUCH, much sweeter) than any I’d ever encountered either in Penang or anywhere in the world!

Mr Khor, who loves going around bare-footed (I didn’t ask him why) sells his rojak at an eye-popping MYR7 for a small portion, MYR10 for medium and MYR14 for a large portion - about twice the price charged by his rivals. He’s is also known as the “Barefoot Rojak Man” by Penangites.

  1. Cuttlefish, guava, pineapples, jicama, cucumber, extra-crispy crullers (“yew char koay”) all go into Mr Khor’s famous rojak.

  1. Mr Khor Hock Seng aka “Barefoot Rojak Man” 's unique rojak consisted of cut wedges of jicama, pineapple, cucumber, guava, mango, cuttlefish, crullers, smothered in a thick, caramelly, ultra-sweet, spicy sauce, then topped with toasted peanut & tiny dried shrimps.

Address: The stall is located on Cecil Street Ghaut - despite its name, it’s not on neighbouring MacCallum Street, which was probably where it first started off. You won’t miss the road-side stall when you turn into Cecil Street Ghaut - there’ll also be a permanent queue there as it operates Tue-Sun from 1pm till 6pm.

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