[Penang] Lobster Cheese Nasi Lemak at Projek Nasi Lemak Box

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - Penang’s Projek Nasi Lemak Box copied Lawa Bintang Singapore’s groundbreaking lobster cheese nasi lemak concept - the only Malaysian restaurant to do so. It was a stroke of genius and good timing, as outstation visitors who traditionally flooded Penang over the Christmas season made a beeline to try the dish. 2-hour waits were endured patiently by their customers.

Lawa Bintang’s lobster cheese nasi lemak in Singapore:

Projek Nasi Lemak Box’s lobster cheese nasi lemak in Penang:

But Lawa Bintang’s version was much tastier as it incorporates a rich, creamy béchamel sauce which is then topped with cheese before grilling. The Projek Nasi Lemak version was only cheese.

But what Projek Nasi Lemak Box got going for it is its amazing location just outside the historic Fort Cornwallis, and by the Penang Esplanade, right next to the sea. So, one gets fresh sea breezes which makes dining outdoors in tropical Penang even during the day, as one sits under the shade of large trees whilst having lunch.

Just as at Lawa Bintang, here are also other options available at Projek Nasi Lemak Box: fried chili-stuffed fish or curried chicken are also pretty good.

Projek Nasi Lemak Box
Padang Kota Lama (Esplanade), near the children’s playground)
10200 George Town, Penang
Tel: +6018-393 8018
Opening hours: 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-12 midnight daily, except Wednesdays (closed)


So do you think lobster makes a difference to the overall dish or more of a gimmick?

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Ah yeah, that is a top spot, I remember walking around there.

Looks kind of like Shake Shack for lobster!



Very gimmicky, IMO.

They copied Lawa Bintang of Singapore, which caused quite a bit of stir on the Webspace when they posted a video of their lobster cheese nasi lemak being prepared. But at least, Lawa Bintang did a very good job with their lobster cheese. This Penang one seems over-priced by their local market standard.

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May I ask the price of both version?

Lawa Bintang’s costs S$22 = US$16.60
Projek Nasi Lemak’s costs MYR69.90 = US$17.60

Considering that the average income in Singapore is also three times that of Malaysia’s, it is very, very expensive for Malaysians. I don’t see it lasting that long over there.

I guess PNL is also targeting at the tourists, given the location. Like many trend, once the fad is gone, either you adapt and adjust to the local market or you disappear.

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Very true - there’s a new way of promoting one’s food business these days: try your darndest to come up with a video that will go viral. F&B people and restaurateurs realise that just advertising in the traditional print media these days is next to useless. Everything goes over the Web, and social media rule the waves.

Well said. Similar to the effect of the $100 banh mi selling in Saigon in an earlier HO post.

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