[Penang] Kerabu Beehoon & Nyonya Kueh from Ri Way, Padang Brown

The longest queue - and the most slow-moving one - at Padang Brown has to be the first stall - Ri Way which only opens on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.
The kerabu beehoon there, full of lovely flavours, is justifiably the most popular item, but the Nyonya kuehs there are also among the tastiest on the island.

  1. The ever-present queue - once it dissipated, you know everything has been sold out.

  2. Traditional Penang-Nyonya kuehs.

  3. Tee-nya kueh are very addictive, toothsome rice pudding, usually drizzled with palm sugar syrup before being served.

  4. Serving out the kerabu beehoon.

The delicious kerabu beehoon here is the best-tasting I’d had in George Town, and definitely a cut above those from the Pulau Tikus Market’s popular pushcart.

  1. Steamed yam cakes, topped with shallots & minced dried shrimps.

  2. Ri Way is only opened on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays:

Padang Brown Hawker Centre has been very popular with the locals in Penang for over 6 decades:

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