[Penang] Japanese desserts & matcha green tea at Komichi Tea House.

Japanese-owned Komichi Tea House on Toh Aka Lane offers a range of authentic Japanese desserts to go with its selection of high-quality matcha green teas.

Set in a quiet lane off Beach Street, this little bakery serves some of the best matcha green tea in George Town, complemented by a range of freshly-prepared Japanese wagashi (traditonal sweets).

Some of the desserts we tried today:

  1. Matcha green tea chiffon cake, topped with whipped fresh cream & azuki beans.

  1. Anmitsu - jelly cubes, served here with mochi balls and sweetened red azuki beans, with a sprinkling of toasted sesame powder and matcha green tea sauce.

  1. A selection of the day’s wagashi (traditional sweets) - the ones today are various flavoured bean-paste balls. The sweetness of the wagashi, juxtaposed against the bitter after-taste of the matcha green tea, were perfect together.

The matcha cheesecake was out of stock this afternoon, and a fresh batch was being prepared, but would be available only 3 hours later. We’ll have to make a return trip here soon.

The cafe is run by two very genial ladies: Ms Akane Nimura & Ms Joeyin Chua.

Komichi Tea House
20, Lorong Toh Aka
10100 George Town
Tel: +6012- 478 8852
Opening hours: 12 noon - 6pm Mon, Thu-Sun, closed on Tue & Wed.


Back to Komichi again today, as it serves kuzumochi stuffed with red beans, and freshly-baked matcha cookies and matcha-flavoured Japanese-style cheesecake today.

There was also a rather unusual (for us) toast topped with matcha-flavoured cream sauce.

The matcha green tea-flavoured Japanese-style cheesecake - more spongey than the rich, dense version we are more familiar with, is light & tasty.

The hojicha (roasted tea) was aromatic - Komichi’s strength is its range of good teas.

Very authentic slice of Japan in the middle of George Town’s old quarter.

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