Penang International Food Festival 2019 - Mini Barbecue Feast

The Penang International Food Festival (PIFF) moved onto Penang’s famed Batu Ferringhi beach stretch last weekend for the Mini Barbecue Feast event. All manners of barbecued stuff were available, from Aussie-style BBQed seafood to Arabic shawarmas, Brazilian churrascaria, Malay/Indonesian satays, etc. from the various BBQ stalls set up by the beach at the Golden Sands Resort. It’s more like a colourful multi-national luau than its “mini barbecue” tag-line.

The warm salty breezes blowing in from the sea and wafts of delicious BBQ smoke from the various barbecue stands set up on the lawns of Golden Sands Resort floated past us. Our nostrils were virtually assailed by different aromas of all kinds of meats and delicious stuff cooking on glowing embers and open-fires everywhere! This was quickly turning into my favorite event in the on-going PIFF 2019 so far.

Aussie-style shrimp-on-the-barbie:

Whole sheep and hunks of beef at the Argentinian asado stand:

Skewers of meat & vegies cooking at the Brazilian churrascaria stand:

Lamb and chicken shawarma from the Middle-Eastern stand:

Malay/Indonesian stand with its chicken & beef satays, and chicken cooked atop heated clay pots:

What we had - just too many options to choose from - we settled for barbecued beef and lamb from the Argentinian stand, some chicken satays from the Malay stand, and some grilled sausages, baked fish & kebabs from the Aussie stand:

Live music amidst the giant “picnic”.

Beautiful sunset that evening:

We’re now looking forward to the next PIFF event - the Taste of Penang at Gurney Drive, which will bring together hundreds of food purveyors from all over Penang.


Just fab!

I’ve been to a barbie where a sheep was cooked in that Argentinian style. Tied to a cross and then the metal stuck into the ground.

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Shrimps on the Barbie: OMG.

You don’t hear this enough, Peter, but your photos are evocative and enriching.

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Thanks. :grin:
Remember this old Aussie ad featuring Paul Hogan?