[Penang] Indian Banana Leaf Curry Rice at Sri Ananda Bahwan

Sri Ananda Bahwan originated from Butterworth, the mainland part of Penang, but was so successful, it’s expanded to Georgetown on the island proper. Standards at Sri Ananda Bahwan has always moved between good and excellent - its team of chefs are always from India, hired on 1-2 year contracts. There was a time when their “roti canai”/paratha was stupendous. Then, overnight, one can see the standard of the bread totally changed as the old chef went and a new one came.

But the traditional South Indian banana leaf rice here are always one of the best in town.

A standard order of a banana leaf rice consisted of steamed rice, accompanied by 3 types of vegetable curries.

One can then order the “extras”, like spicy chicken curry or crisp-fried chilli-spiked fish steaks.

Crisp-fried bitter-gourd fritters have become popular in the last few years:

Sri Ananda Bahwan
25 Penang Street (do NOT confuse Penang Street in Little India with Penang Road, which is the main thoroughfare running through the middle of Georgetown).