[Penang] Hameed Mee Sotong @ Fort Cornwallis

Another must-not-miss spot on Penang’s culinary scene has to be Shahul Hameed’s eponymous stall at the Esplanade Park’s Kota Selera food centre.

Hameed has been operating here since 1977, but his stall’s legacy goes back much further, to Hameed’s grandfather, Syed Mohamed, who hawked his mee goreng at Fort Cornwallis in the post-war years.

  1. Hameed’s Mee Goreng, irresistible with a dollop of the sweet-spicy stewed “sotong Mamak” on top. The Mee Goreng is studded with slivers of boiled potates, “cucur” (Indian flour/gram fritters, beansprouts & egg. The balance of flavours and the textures were amazing.

  2. The Esplanade Park’s Kota Selera foodcourt, right next to the historic Fort Cornwallis.

  3. The spicy-sweet “sotong Mamak” (stewed squid) topping gives Hameed’s mee goreng the edge over Mahboob’s famous Bangkok Lane mee goreng for the title of best mee goreng in Penang, IMO.

Address details: Hameed Mee Sotong, Kota Selera Padang Kota Lama, Esplanade, Fort Cornwallis, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

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