[Penang] Clarke Street "Koay Teow Th'ng"

This stall in a back-street along Clarke Street, Georgetown, has been operating there since the 1980s, and offers a chicken-pork soup version of the Penang “koay teow th’ng” (flat rice noodles in soup dish of Teochew or Chaozhou origins), slightly different from other Penang “koay teow th’ng” places which are either purely duck-based or wholly pork-based soup.

  1. Koay teow th’ng, with 3 types of pork-balls, 2 types of fish-balls, chicken liver, pig’s intestines, chicken blood cubes.

  1. Side-dish of poached kampung chicken with beansprouts. This is the only hawker stall in Penang to offer a side-dish of “ngah choi” (blanched beansprouts) and “pak cham khai” (poached chicken), which is a famous dish in Ipoh, another city well-known for its culinary delights in neighbouring Perak state.

Love the chicken blood:

And pig’s intestines:

And pig’s tendon-“minced pork”-ginger pork-balls:

Need to come early and snare a table in the back-alley - this place is insanely popular among local Penangites at breakfast-time - it operates about 8am till lunch only.

Address: Alleyway on Clarke Street, near the intersection with Argyll Road, George Town.