[Penang] Cintra Street Pig's Intestines Porridge

The Lee family has been selling “chee cheong chok” (pig’s intestines porridge) at Cintra Street for over 70 years. The eatery has now been relocated to Kimberley Street. Run by the 3rd-generation of the Lee family these days, I come here for my “chee cheong chok” fix, ever since one of the uncles who run the “chee cheong chok” stall at the corner of New Lane and MacAlister Road, has decided to call it quits 6 months ago after six decades in business.

Various ingredients go into this hyper-delicious breakfast dish: “char-siew” (Chinese BBQ pork) and various types of offal - pig’s kidney, large intestines, small intestines, pig’s blood jelly, etc. My favourite is the roasted, crispy small intestines - indispensable in order to add an additional textural dimension to the overall dish.

Savoury rice porridge will be poured over the whole concoction. Best breakfast ever!

The eatery’s new location is at the intersection of Kimberley Street and Kuala Kangsar Road.
Opening hours: 11am - 3pm on weekdays, 8.30am till 12 noon on Sat & Sun.


Looks very delicious when the intestines are still crispy and hot. Compared to the Hong Kong barbecue pork, the “char-skew” in Malaysia are “orange” not red.

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naf - only at this place :slight_smile:
“Char-siew” pork also tends to be red elsewhere in Penang. In Thailand, for instance, it’s called “mu daeng”, which translates to “red pork”.

Look at the amount of stuff, especially the roasted intestine in the porridge!

You said savory porridge. Any idea what’s in their base porridge? Was that blood cube in the big porridge pot?

The rice would be cooked in probably pork-bone stock, and also salted, giving it a savoury flavour even before any of the ingredients have been added into it before serving. For the version at Cintra Street, the pig’s blood cubes were not added to the porridge, but another “chee cheong chok” spot - the one at the Kuala Kangsar Road morning market - offers a choice of porridge with or without pig’s blood cubes cooked inside already.

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Credit: Ramesh SA, Flickr