[Penang] Chulia Street Wanton Noodles

This nameless wanton noodles stall is unmissable along the busy Chulia Street night food market - it’s got the biggest crowd around, and getting a seat can be a daunting challenge. But its wanton mee is the best-tasting I’d had in Penang.

  1. Come early - around 6pm - to snare a table at this famous wanton noodles stall along Chulia Street (opposite Mugshot Café).

  2. Penang-style wanton noodles has a more al dente texture compared to KL-style wanton noodles. But the dressing is the same: a blend of dark & light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, pork lard, and shallot-garlic oil.

  3. Penang-style wanton noodles usually has a mix of poached and deep-fried wantons - something you won’t find elsewhere in Malaysia, or the world!

That combo sounds delicious! I rarely order it, but a bowl of yee foo won ton every now and then hits the spot.

Do you mean “wonton”, or is there really a dish called “wanton”, which in English has a very different meaning. The Italians’ pasta puttanesca could be called “wanton noodles” :wink:

I see it spelled differently everywhere – wonton, wanton, wantan. My preference is “wantan”, which to me, seems closest phonetically. :wink:

That looks delicious!