[Penang] Charcoal-grilled Chapati at Sultania, Queen Street.

This chapatti spot at Sultania Restaurant on Queen Street is the only place in George Town that serves charcoal-grilled, instead of griddle-fried, chapatis - giving the bread a lighter, greaseless texture. Very good with chicken or mutton curry.

  1. By grilling the freshly-kneaded chapatis over charcoal flames, the resultant bread was greaseless and has a softer texture than griddle-cooked ones.

  1. Sultania provides a spread of curries to choose from to accompany your chapatis. I went for the chicken curry - ultra-spicy!

Address: Sultania Restaurant, 57, Lebuh Queen, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia. Tel: +60 4-263 6744. Open: 6.30pm till 11pm daily.