[Penang] "Char Koay Kak" at MacAlister Lane

This stall outside Seow Fong Lye coffeeshop along MacAlister Lane (near the intersection with Burmah Road, not MacAlister Road) has been operated by sisters, Yow Goay Lan and Yow Goay Hoon, since 1963.

  1. Two renditions of “char koay kak” (fried rice cakes): one plainer version without eggs & beansprouts, and one with both ingredients in. Pan-fried over charcoal embers in copious amounts of lard, and flavoured with salted radish, garlic, soysauce, fish sauce and chilli paste, this rich dish simply bursts with flavour.

  1. Plain pan-fried “koay kak”, where one can taste the soft texture of the pieces of rice cakes. This is my preferred version, and quite close to the version one finds back in Fujian, China.

  1. The standard rendition of Penang-style “char koay kak” with eggs, beansprouts and chives. Yummy to the last morsel!

Address: Seow Fong Lye Coffeeshop, 94C, Macalister Lane, George Town, 11400 Penang, Malaysia. Tel: +60 4-229 7390