[Penang] Apong Guan at Jalan Burmah

Apong Guan is a familiar sight along Burmah Road, right in front of Union Primary School. Dating back to the early 1970s, Uan Cheng Guan has been seling his iconic soft, sweet pancakes, made of coconut milk-infused batter, folded over sliced bananas & creamed corn for over 4 decades now.

For more 40 years now, Mr Uan Cheng Guan, has been diligently making his delicate apoms.

His pancake batter consists of eggs, flour, coconut milk, grated coconut, sugar, salt & butter. This goes into his heavy, brass pancake pan which slowly cooks the most fragrant apoms, which he fills with sweet, ripe bananas & creamed corn, nine apoms at a time.

Apong Guan
Burmah Road (near Union Primary School)
Mobile: +60-16-4093701
Open: 9.30am till 8.30pm, Mon-Sat, unless sold out earlier. Closed Sundays