Pellet Ice Is the Good Ice

Finally, someone else understands my affinity for the BEST kind of ice!


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@heidicooksandbakes - right there with you in regards to good ice. I actually chipped some from the Portage Glacier in Alaska about 25 years ago, to use in drinks. I wrapped the chunks in newspaper, and flew back to Washington state with them. Best ice I’ve ever used, and took a long, long time to melt, due to the extreme compression over the ages.

@Rooster, think that ice maker may work best when using distilled water in it, to get rid of the air that is present in tap water. Kind of spendy for a countertop appliance though! I won’t for sure be getting one.

Absolutely, the water you use is very important. There are newer silicon ice making vessels that will create rounded edges. They come with lids that also compress creating a really nice ice cube for a fraction of the cost. No need to go high end.

Right, not only for the cost, but precious counter space too.

I’ve thought about getting a couple of cubes/trays to make good ice at home. Love going to the odd bar that uses craft ice, and always compliment them on it. Back in the old days, when people actually went out, that is. :upside_down_face:

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Great article.

I didn’t get to read the article yet but I am an ice man!!! I love cold beverages and am not a fan of hot ones. I’m an iced coffee guy, can’t stand HOT soup prefer it warm but never scorching. I’ve been on a large one cube ball kick with my cocktails lately, but I also enjoy the pellets as well. The thing that fascinates me (and I forgot the reason for it) but I prefer commercial ice that is completely clear.

I am a fan of that ice machine that @Rooster supplied, that might fit nicely beneath my bar. On any given Saturday / Sunday sitting around the house I will out drink refrigerators ice making abilities by after dinner. I routinely keep a spare bag of ice in the freezer.

Go wholesale then.

These are also fun.

Oh I like that!! The site is annoying so I closed it but it looks you have to use their mold and glass? Interesting.

Its sold as a set. Freeze the water, add your spirit.

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Some of those reviews are downright horrifying.
Boy, would I ever like tohave an ice machine. My fridge is nowhere near a water line, however.

They sure are. Wholesale ice makers are much more robust machines. We have an ice machine in the frig that we baby. When not in use, we shut off the interior button. We vacuum behind the frig often to baby the compressor box. We make sure the water line doesn’t crimp. In our garage, which came heated with a loft space for guests, there is a mini bar and wholesale ice maker. It’s probably 30 years ago and in great shape. We baby it.

There are other retail ice makers avail.

Just consider the type of user you are. Ice makers breakdown from abuse not because they are poorly made more often than not.

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  • Keep your vodka (and gin) in the freezer

  • Stop buying the kind of whiskey that tastes so bad you have to chill it :slightly_smiling_face:

LOL- my bro & sis in law are notoriously rough on things, especially appliances. One time their ice machine was shooting ice all over the freezer (according to them), so they put a box next to it to block the trajectory so the ice was captured in the proper tray. Then it started dispensing frozen crumbs, because the box was a box of waffles and a couple of them fell out into the dispenser.