Peekskill near the Paramount?

We are heading to the Paramount in Peekskill to see the Rippingtons in September. We haven’t been up there in ages and we used to hit 12 Grapes before a show. Is there anything new where we only have to park once?

Thanks, HOs

I wish I could help out here. We’ve been getting up to Peekskill less frequently these days now that we are further from Route 9. I used to love Birdsall House but we just haven’t been recently and we had some issues with service a while back. I hope someone can help out!

Thanks. I tentatively reserved Division Street grill since i know its up the block. Not thrilled with anything I’ve seen on line.

Did you look at Iron Vine? We’ve only been there for brunch but it’s been excellent and their other stuff looks really good. it’s a couple of doors down from Birdsall.

Also Touch of Class Caribbean Fusion, which is across the street from Division Street. I haven’t tried it but the reviews look good. I hate that they don’t have their menu prices on the website.

There’s also Zeph’s, which most people seem to forget about. You’d probably need to eat early for that one and might need to move your car between dinner and the show.

Any of these would be WAY better than Division Street Grill, unless it’s improved dramatically since the last time we ate there.

Thanks, Mr. B. I did look - where is the dinner menu? I saw brunch and lunch. I am not a fan of Division Street Grill either but it looked like the best of the worst to me. It’s a Friday night so time will be tight, which is why I want to stay close to the theater.

It’s there, Tapas and DInner menu.

There’s also Ruben’s Mexican Cafe –

Another one guilty of “no prices on the website” but the prices were reasonable, I believe (as opposed to the Caribbean place whose Yelp reviews complain about high prices). Not the best Mexican but I have to believe it will be better than Division Street. But personally, I’d go for Iron Vine.

Thanks. Not a fan of mexican. I’ll check Iron Vine again. Thanks!

There’s also Gleason’s, owned by the same people as Birdsall House, which is even closer to the Paramount. Pizzas and other Italian.

Or The Peekskill Coffee House if you want something light. It’s right across the street from the theater.

I was thinking about Gleason’s - I’d rather go that direction, I think. Only issue is DH is on no carb so that menu is risky if there is no entree special he wants. Maybe I should eat in my area then go up!!

Edited to say - may do Birdsall- at least he can get a burger.

Do you know anything about Hudson House?

Never been to Hudson House. Always seemed like a strange concept, with sushi and other stuff. A former co-worker liked it, but he was never much of an authority on food. I will acknowledge that it’s convenient to the theater.

Not sure why you’re not considering Iron Vine. I think they have the most interesting menu and I’ve never had a bad meal there. The steak sandwich (El Jibarito on the menu, which I now see is available in chicken as well) is really interesting and they also have a burger. It’s an unusual looking place, too. I also think they have among the highest ratings on Yelp.

It is a strange menu at Hudson house, yet sashimi is good for DH… Iron Vine is a bit of a carb issue- and one my husband can’t resist - platanos! Don’t think he can pass those up!

FWIW we ended up at 12 Grapes. Service was friendly and the bartender was very good. The food, not so much! DH started with Asian spiced seared tuna - it was just ok. I had a flatbread pizza that tasted like Celeste frozen pizza. DH had skirt steak with chimichuri. The chimichuri was very weird - I did not taste any of the usual herbs. The steak was ice cold and sliced paper thin. To me , it had a weird texture. We really wanted expresso, but they did not have any so we ended up at a funky little coffee place down the street from the theater. I felt like it was 1969 again. Musicians playing in a coffee house.

I did not expect much from the food so I was not disappointed. The show was very good!! Thanks for all of your help.

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Thanks for reporting back. I’m actually going there next month for a party so at least I know what to expect!

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Not much going on up there!

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