Peeking Duck $15.99 Friday Special, SSF

The Friday Special at Grand Palace in SSF is certainly a value deal to enjoy.
DH and I indulged our appetites - ordering one Peeking Duck for the two of us and we were most happily satisfied. $15.99 with 10 buns.
Available at lunch and dinner.


That is a great price. Out here in NJ you’re looking at 30 or so for a whole duck. No pics? :smile:

Whoa- great find! And great prices! How’s the duck itself?

Found some pic on Yelp.

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Peking duck is not traditionally served with buns. Also it’s spelled “Peking” which is the Wade Giles spelling for “Bei Jing”.

I had the dish in Nov for party. It was decent for Cantonese place not the best but for the price is would be very good.

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I think Cynsa spelled it Peeking rather than Peking, as we have a mutual friend who’s FaceBook handle is Peeking Duck so she was probably thinking of him!!!

Mis-typed Peeking - should be Peking. I didn’t see the mistake to edit typing. My bad.

Chili House SF has excellent Peking Duck for $45.
R&G Lounge $40.
Hunan Home’s Restaurant $40.
Great China $45.
Harborview $45.
Hakkasan $148.
Mister Jiu’s $110 Liberty Farms Roast Duck.

This is a nice deal. Crispy skin, with occasional dab of salty fat on the underside. Bone-in meat was dry in parts, but you can hide that with hoisin in the buns.

We also got a side of broccoli with oyster sauce. Disappointing for such a standard – – a few pieces were limp, and was a puddle of oil at the bottom of the dish.

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Did the server show any annoyance at you ordering so little other than their Friday special?


We actually “ordered” two other things: a noodle dish I couldn’t remember enough about to comment on (distracted by kid), and another dish which the server neglected to see marked on our menu.