Peeking Duck $15.99 Friday Special, SSF

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The Friday Special at Grand Palace in SSF is certainly a value deal to enjoy.
DH and I indulged our appetites - ordering one Peeking Duck for the two of us and we were most happily satisfied. $15.99 with 10 buns.
Available at lunch and dinner.


That is a great price. Out here in NJ you’re looking at 30 or so for a whole duck. No pics? :smile:


Whoa- great find! And great prices! How’s the duck itself?

Found some pic on Yelp.


Peking duck is not traditionally served with buns. Also it’s spelled “Peking” which is the Wade Giles spelling for “Bei Jing”.


I had the dish in Nov for party. It was decent for Cantonese place not the best but for the price is would be very good.

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I think Cynsa spelled it Peeking rather than Peking, as we have a mutual friend who’s FaceBook handle is Peeking Duck so she was probably thinking of him!!!

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Mis-typed Peeking - should be Peking. I didn’t see the mistake to edit typing. My bad.

Chili House SF has excellent Peking Duck for $45.
R&G Lounge $40.
Hunan Home’s Restaurant $40.
Great China $45.
Harborview $45.
Hakkasan $148.
Mister Jiu’s $110 Liberty Farms Roast Duck.