Pecos to Longview TX, on the road for a couple of days looking for good eats

We’ll be driving across Texas, looking for interesting and tasty food stops along the way. Nothing fancy, joints are more our style so we’d prefer very casual; one of my favorite spots is the H&H Car Wash in El Paso. We’re happy to wear shoes but have zero interest in dressing up. Every cuisine is open, we’re very good eaters with few restrictions - my husband does not eat blazing HOT although I do.

What’s your route? Are you on I-10 most of it?

Likely I-10 unless there is something worthwhile off the beaten track. We have a lot of latitude since we’re retired and not punching a clock. I’m a former chef so don’t want to see the SYSCO truck (although they’re significantly upped their game). Thanks for taking an interest.

Well two places come to mind that fit your description, though they are not far from each other.

Isaack’s Cafe in Junction, Tx has a fantastic burger with fresh meat, tomatoes from someone’s garden and fresh buns. They were once on Texas Monthly’s Best list for that burger. The servers will call you Dawlin’.

Sutton County Steak House on I-10 at exit 400 in Sonora, Texas is a family owned restaurant serving beef from local ranches. It’s attached to a Days Inn hotel, but don’t let that stop you. They offer a lunch buffet. Be sure to skip that and order a steak, I like the ribeye, and some of their amazing onion rings.

If you stop in El Paso, I like Kiki’s by the military base.

If you are coming through Houston, I and others have a plethora of suggestions.

OOPS!!! My mistake. Our route would be I-20 (Pecos to Longview, TX) instead of I-10. I apologize for the error, wasting your time, etc.

Can’t help you on I-20.