Pearl Street Restaurant - Dumbo

Dumbo used to be a great place. It was quirky and off the beaten path. Then in the instagram age, everyone decided that a spot on Washington Street was where YOU had to go to get that perfect picture to put up on your feed. The tourists hordes rule the place during the day, especially on weekends. But once the sun sets, sanity descends with the darkness and brings the calmness back. Not the deserted streets of the 90s that I miss but a version of peacefulness.

On Front right before the entrance to one of my favorite lost bars, the old Rebar there is a big glass window and a door with no sign. A way not to announce yourself to the masses.

Step inside and you’ll see a L shaped counter with about 10 seats. Charlie is the host and somm. She will direct you to a seat and take your drink order. The two chefs, owner John and sous Franklin are the rest of the staff.

The kitchen such that it is, is about 3 feet deep and 8 feet wide. It’s equipped with two induction burners and a toaster oven. No fancy giant French ranges and super cooling freezing plates. For all those who complain how you don’t have enough space or equipment to make a proper meal, you need to see these guys in action.

John will take your order. You can go a la carte or have the tasting menu. We prefer to order.

As always I am bad with picture taking and either forget entirely or only remember halfway through a dish.

Seacuterie platter

Salmon lightly brined and smoked. Tuna belly. Osetra caviar. Brioche toast with whipped butter. John was very direct in saying despite how this looks, it’s not sashimi. He isn’t trained for that and he uses his own techniques. Great stuff regardless.

This shrimp cocktail also came with the platter but as you can see only thought to take a picture when we had one shrimp left. Started with 4 jumbos. Didn’t get a photo of the oyster but oysters are well, oysters.

Not your usual prawns with ketchup.

Of the dishes I remembered to take photos of, the was an outstanding shrimp piccata. The flavors were mind blowing. Tossing in a salad on top was new and a great twist. Used a great sourdough to mop up all that leftover sauce.

Then the fun dish for the night. Smoked wagyu beef sliders. You can see Franklin plugging the smoke module into the dish here.

And voilà

Three sliders piled with rich fatty smoky meat.

Just such a fun place to be and engage with the staff and amazing food being turned out in an unremarkable place.


Is that a thing?

Looks like a fun menu!

I think he probably means cocktail sauce.

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